BRM Cake Box Challenge - Canal Side


Canal Side

Builder: Paul Wright


Living in the east midlands and being surrounded by canals was the main inspiration for this scene, although not based on any particular prototype or place I wanted to create more of an  atmosphere of what this sort of location would have been like.

Model construction.

The construction started with a piece of MDF, with foam board used to build up the canal sides. The track was then glued directly to this, with wills granite sets used to infill. The sets were first painted grey then washed over with black paint which is then wiped off.

The warehouse and canal bridge are both from the Scalescenes range. Although the Scalescenes mill has been kit bashed quite a bit.

The water was created by first painting the base a dark brown, then placing a piece of acetate on top to create the reflection of water. I then added greenery to the scene, I always feel this is when a scene comes to life.

One of my favourite parts of the hobby is figure painting. I tend to use the techniques developed by war gamers. Starting by painting the figures black and building up the layers with lighter washes. I tend not to glue the figures down, this way they can be placed in different places to photograph, and used on other projects. I have tried to create an overall atmosphere of the scene by keeping the colours and tones very similar.