BRM Cake Box Challenge - Brooks Village Engine Shed


Brooks Village Engine Shed

Builder: Andy Brooks

This is my attempt at the cake box challenge. I have based it on the Steam Era. This is done in OO/HO scale. This is a made up of an Engine Shed and a siding for either a wagon or another engine. Also I have put in a Signal box with a signaller standing outside at the top of the steps.

I have also parked a police car here as I thought it would be good as a village Police Transport base. Also there is a stray dog wondering about. There is bloke standing at the fence, who has just come off duty.

Leaning up against the Engine shed is a pair of level crossing gates waiting to be fitted back on the local farmer’s level crossing.

Strategically placed are wheels and axles waiting to be repaired and fixed on the engines by an Engineer.

Leaning up against the signal box is a Sack barrow and on the garden is a wheelbarrow.

The Engine I have chosen is one of my favorites Class 57xx (5768) Pannier tank 0-6-0 5768 in BR Black.

Sitting on the engine having a tea break are the Engineers.