BRM Cake Box Challenge - Box in a box


Box in a box

Builder: Chris Chewter

The faint sound of ringing drifts in the air. The sharp blast of a loco whistle waiting for the branch token can just be heard. The supervisor sips his tea as his junior colleague puts the token in its carrier. How about a signal box in a cake box? A ‘box in a box’!

The Ratio signal box sits on an MDF base. The track is Code 75 Peco streamline on a strip of packing cardboard to form the ballast shoulder. Ballast is granite chippings with chinchilla dust making the cinder cess and signal box pathway stuck with diluted PVA. The track was weathered using woodland scenic Tidy Track painters with a wash of diluted black to give the ballast a weathered look. Grass is a static grass mix applied using static grass glue, with a rubberised horse hair bush covered in green Woodland Scenics turf, stuck on with spray glue adhesive. Wills point rodding finish the scene.

I decided not to put a back scene with this. I wanted to be able to photograph this model in the open air under natural light. Mother nature can provide the rest!

All that’s missing is the ringing of the bells!