BRM Cake Box Challenge - Bet Bet Creek


Bet Bet Creek

Builder: Geoff Loosmore

Bet Bet Creek, named after a local creek, is an HO scale Australian scene using an MDF board with built up track crossing a small dry creek on a sleeper built bridge, with a dirt road crossing the track. The track crossing signs are from an Atlas building kit, the trees are commercial bought, the windmill is a woodland scenic white metal kit.

All are a first time for me, I normally build in N Gauge.  I started with all the bits from stuff I have gathered over the years and developed the idea with help from suggestions. The VLine (Victoria Rail Line) engine was used first but felt it was overpowering the scene, so, following advice on the blog, I removed it and sent the farmer off in his battered Ute to repair the roof of his hut down the dirt road, making sure he does not hit the Kangaroos on the way.

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