BRM Cake Box Challenge - Ashton Row Pumping Station


Ashton Row Pumping Station

Builder: Tom Hyde


Ashton Row pumping station was inspired by the enormous stationary engines at Kempton Park, near where I worked as an intern a few years ago. The sheer scale of the engines is incredible and they are incredibly complex, so this model features a much simplified, two-cylinder engine, with a scale 18’ flywheel. The name comes from a mashup of Ashford, Kempton and Heathrow, all home to similar engines over the last couple of centuries. I avoided meticulous research as I wanted to concentrate on the overall ‘feel’ rather than fret over every last detail.



I set out to use the challenge as an opportunity to try new techniques and products, including brick textured plasticard, 3D printing, the use of a mirror and a foray into OO9. 3D printing was perhaps the most daunting but the flywheel, bearings and starting engine were fairly easy to draw and look the part, and my use of 3D printing has taken off since as I have built a few locomotives using much more detailed prints than shown here. I don’t have a cakebox to display it in, but the external measurements are 200x200x150mm, which is just under the 8x8x6” specified. And most importantly, it was very satisfying to build!