BRM Cake Box Challenge - Ashe yard


Ashe yard

Builder: Luke Knights

My entry for the cakebox challenge was Ashe yard. Not only is it for the competition entry, It's also intended as somewhere I can display my smaller locos or maybe an item of rolling stock for photos.

The hut is made from a Hornby 4 wheel coach body, which was sprayed green, had the roof detail removed and a chimney pipe added to the roof, and got an overall coat of weathering.

I wasn't entirely happy with the ballast I used first time round, so I changed it to a mix of Chinchilla dust and powder paint, Initially I used a 50/50 mix of PVA glue and water to stick the chinchilla dust mixture down, and when it dried it cracked, using the Chinchilla dust mixture was a learning curve for me, so I went back in and filled the cracks.  I'm really happy with how this has come out, and I have documented the whole thing on RMweb. 

Build thread on RMweb.