BRM Cake Box Challenge - Across the tracks


Across the tracks

Builder: Michael Russell

This task is a real challenge due entirely to the small dimensions set by the competition rules. I decided to use perspective to make the space look bigger than it is. The penalty paid is that the diorama must be viewed from one direction to look correct. I decided to avoid the use of buildings and track viewed end on, because both impose challenges as far as perspective is concerned. Therefore, the track would have to go across the diorama. Once I had made that decision, the rest of the design was straightforward.

I dislike the use of photographs as backscenes unless the digital image is drawn on a computer from scratch using vector and/or raster tools. On this occasion I decided to eschew the computer and paint the backscene using traditional techniques. I find that watercolours give the most convincing results and so are employed here. If I did the task again I’d paint the backscene using hot pressed paper which would give a smooth finish. The rough surface of the paper I had in stock shows up too much in the photographs.

To see more of the entry check it out on YouTube or the May 2018 edition of BRM.