Phil's Practical - Make a puddle

16 April 2020
Puddles are a rare feature on model railway layouts and modelling them depends a bit on the surface of your yard. I took a quick trip out in the rain to take some photos and can suggest a couple of options.


If the puddles are on tarmac then as long as you have a dip in the surface, this can be filled with a suitable water substitute. Gloss varnish would probably do, but I've found Deluxe Materials Solid Water to be really effective. This is a two-part formula that you mix up and drip where the water should be. Both will dry clear, so adding a tiny amount of dark grey or gloss black into the mix might be a good idea for a real oily puddle.



If the ground is rubble then puddles are best added before you lay the surface. Take a bit of clear plastic – the packing from shirt collars is good for this as it's quite thick – and paint one side dark grey. Stick the plastic to your baseboard paint side down and bury it with scatter, plaster, or in this case ash.

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Wipe the puddle clean with a damp fingertip and then fix the ground cover in place with diluted PVA. If the water isn't shiny enough, polish the plastic with some Brasso and a cotton bud.


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