Modelling Inspiration on RMweb - Our Top 5 Picks

14 April 2020
As Britain's modellers pull up the drawbridge, there's no shortage of activity on their workbenches, with some truly inspiring projects on show in our topic on RMweb. Here's our top five picks from this week.

Modellers of Britain - we salute you!


1. Giles Favell - 4mm scale radio control Oxford flatbed lorry


RMweb modelling

Giles is no stranger to the pages of BRM, but we love the low speed and control he has over this model, which he has been testing in the below video.

2. Andi Dell  - 4mm scale scratch-built Class 310 EMU

RMweb modelling inspiration

This is proper old-school modelling, working with plastic card to achieve the complex and critical shapes featuring many curved surfaces. His use of alternate coloured sheets makes it easy to see how well the shapes are being contoured and smoothed.

3. Chris Reynolds - Trees from Buddleia heads

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Inspirational Modelling on RMweb

Chris had the foresight to cut and dry some buddleia heads from the garden and simply used a spray adhesive and a coating of Woodland Scenics coarse turf scatter to make a supply of low-cost trees for the layout.

4. Paul Steedman - wagon weathering

Inspirational modelling with RMweb

Paul has diverse modelling interests and has been treating his 1/29 scale US-outline wagons to a healthy dose of weathering. That open wagon started off white a few days ago!

5. Keith Addenbrooke - Low relief building inspiration

Modelling Inspiration with RMweb


While out on his daily exercise, Keith took a picture of a house that looks very much like a low-relief building we use at the back of the layout. When you can get out for exercise, it's worth keeping your eyes open and a camera handy for modelling inspiration, which we may overlook in busier times.


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