February 2022

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This issue we feature 'Shenston Road' (EM), 'Camel Quay' (OO) and 'Little Burford' (O).

On Sale: 30/12/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Layouts: 'Shenston Road' (EM) – memories of the early 1970s BR Western Region railway live on through this exceptional model.'Camel Quay' (OO) – useful advice on purchasing a second-hand layout, through experience by this layout owner. 'Little Burford' (O) – made with great enthusiasm for a client, this was a new scale for its professional layout builder. 
Practical BRM this month includes a guide to modelling a forest, weathering Heljan's OO9 gauge 'Lyn' locomotive, ballasting for beginners, adapting a laser-cut kit, how to build a white-metal chaldron wagon, plus an introduction to the new BRM project layout.
Don't miss our selection of inspirational modelling, reviews of Dapol's 'Prarie' (OO), Heljan's Class 47 (O), IRM's Tara Mines wagons (OO), plus books and much more! 

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