Wagon loads from The Model Centre

23 August 2019
for-upload-58190.jpg The Model Centre
A collection of authentic pre-painted scale loads available for your wagons from this custom-finish specialist model shop - time for a closer look?

There's been something of a trend over recent years for model railway customers to buy models fully-finished from model shops, fitted with DCC sound of their choice or weathered to a particular standard. Satisfying the demands of its customers, The Model Centre of Beck Hole, Whitby produced a series of wagon loads to coincide with its exclusive 'Plate' two-axle wagon commissions from Bachmann. Researching from prototype photographs, the team has created four authentic loads, also manufacturing a 3D-printed trestle for those harder-to-transport loads.

Available from the model shop is a chained pipe load (BWL1), chained square billet load (BWL2), chained girder load (BWL3) and over-sized load with three sheets of plate with loose chains. The last-mentioned is weathered more on one side of the sheets than the other, allowing you to vary the amount of flash rust seen on the wagon loads. The 3D printed 102mm x 30mm trestle it has manufactured is advised for the largest of its over-sized steel plates to ensure it fits within the loading gauge. 

The Model Centre Wagon Loads

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A few print lines are obvious on the 3D-printed trestle support, though these can be filed and over-painted. If fitted with a load, it'll be easy to hide. The weathering of the other items is to a very high standard, making them layout-ready for your wagons or lorries.