VIDEO: Unboxing the Bachmann Western Pullman Train Set

19 August 2019
reduced-14731.jpg Bachmann Western Pullman
Howard Smith lifts the lid on the largest boxed train sets the office has seen. What treasures are to be found inside?

When you think about a boxed 'train set', invariably you think about getting everything you need to set up a tabletop railway in an hour or so - controller, track, locomotive and if you're lucky, a few coaches or wagons. It's an accessible way to get into the hobby and not so long ago, it was the norm for most children to have had at least experienced one, growing up.

'Train set' was quite often code for manufacturers seeking a few more years out of older model tooling, too, unbeknownst to those receiving them as gifts for Christmas or a birthday. But did they care? Hardly... they had a train set to play with and that's what counted. Fast forward a few years though, and those children are now adults, looking to rekindle lost memories of youth. The difference? They're a lot more demanding and expect a far higher quality of model than the rose-tinted spectacles of old when their imagination filled in the missing detail. For a number of years now, Bachmann has flipped the coin on the term 'Train set', offering its latest models, beautifully-boxed with a fine presentation and a quality feel. It's latest then, has taken this one step further.

We've seen Bachmann's Midland Pullman in its original Nanking blue livery for OO gauge and the recent Farish model for N gauge has appeared in the guise too, though most recently in the reverse blue/grey livery with full yellow ends with a tooling revision to depict the Western Pullman. And so, its OO gauge model has undergone the same treatment, too, with exceptional features to boot. Let's take a look at the model.

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