VIDEO: Hornby R&H 48DS on test

22 October 2019
These new models are some of the smallest to have emerged from the Margate manufacturer, but how much can they haul? Howard Smith finds out...

A model which I gave great attention at the Hornby 2019 model range press launch was its Ruston 48DS. First tooling samples were unveiled on the day and offered an opportunity to cast an eye over the proportions of this small locomotive. It was explained that a ‘Conflat’ wagon was supplied to ensure electrical contact to the rails of this short wheelbase prototype.


Arriving as of this month with retailers and modellers who pre-ordered via its website, are closed and open cab variants of the model in four liveries, spanning the 1952-1994 period. Kindly sent on-loan from Hornby HQ were samples of its 48DS in John Dewar & Sons white and red (R3705) and Army green as No. 802 (R3706). Between 1936 and 1969, 189 standard gauge locomotives were constructed at Ruston & Hornsby’s Boultham Works to evolving diagrams.


Watch how capable the locomotive is in the video, below:

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