UNBOXING: Darstaed 57ft Mk. 1 suburban coach

03 September 2019
1-82892.jpg Darstaed Mk1 coach
This new range of Mk. 1 coaches of etched brass and injection-moulded ABS plastic construction is on-sale. Let's take a look.

Darstaed's RTR range of rolling stock has expanded further with the arrival of Mk. 1 suburban coaches. Boasting an impressive specification, with brass luggage racks, a detailed die-cast underframe, detailed interiors with track-powered lighting and sprung metal couplings and buffers, the models are some of the finest and most authentic we've seen from the manufacturer.

The models are sold in a simple blue-coloured cardboard box with a polystyrene interior, and have packs of injection-moulded plastic painted hinges, included. These have the shape of the brass hinge inset on the reverse side, and can be attached over the standard brass hinges with a small amount of glue.

The sides of the model are brass, with coach ends and roofs in detailed plastic. Brand new die-cast Mk. 1 bogies with scale wheels feature, with brake ends and full brakes with detachable working (plug-in) rear light. A sheet of prototypical running numbers is included with a variety of numbers for buyers to apply.


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