REVIEW: Locomotion Models Western

D1023 Western Fusilier was not only the last 'Western' to receive a general overhaul, but was one of the last two 'Westerns' to work in revenue service on BR, along with D1013 Western Ranger (now preserved on the Severn Valley Railway).

The pair double-headed the ‘Western Tribute’ railtour of February 26, 1977 from Paddington to Swansea and Plymouth and the return to Paddington.

The weekend before, D1023 came to the rescue of a failed D1010 Western Campaigner on the ‘Western Requiem’ railtour to the Welsh valleys, returning the train to Paddington where it was the subject of a well-known night-time photograph wearing the headboard and a wreath on a lamp-iron. And so, the much-loved 'Westerns' came to their end of service and D1023 passed into the National Collection for display at York.

Locomotion Models has now added D1023 to its National Collection in Miniature range in the form of the well-regarded Dapol model, which depicts the locomotive at the end of its service life and is now displayed in the Great Hall. The decoration of the model has been well-researched and includes the appropriate markings including the LA shedcode sticker beneath the driver’s windows.

Locomotion Models Western

The model, straight from the box, will benefit from additional work by the modeller to fit the numerous extra pieces, which include one of the most extensive detailing packs included with a current model, including bufferbeam fittings, brake rigging, roof panel lifting eyes, speedometer cables and other below-body fittings. The sensibility of fitting all these parts depends on the curvatures on your layout, but if the model is for static display only, then alternative brake shoes are included which give an improved appearance. Alternative valances are provided dependent on whether you prefer a fully-detailed representation or a functional style to permit use of tension-lock couplings.

A selection of headcodes are included with the model that can be cut out and placed behind the headcode glazing; just peel back the black foam beneath the model’s front while you have the body removed from the chassis.

Locomotion Models Western

The etched nameplates, number and builder’s plates are included with the model, but require the modeller to affix them. They're supplied by Shawplan from their Extreme Etchings range, so are as good as you can get. It may take an hour or so to fit all of the detailing parts, but it is time rewarded in my view.

The model is DCC-ready and features a 21-pin decoder socket with plenty of space for inclusion of a sound speaker. The model is now available directly from, its outlets at York and Shildon plus any shows it is attending over the next few months, including Warley. Proceeds from the model go towards the upkeep of the collection, so you are doing your bit for the museum too!

Locomotion Models Western