First look: Rapido Trains Class 28

16 December 2022
Models of the Co-Bos for 2mm:1ft scale have arrived – time for a overview?

Rapido Trains UK has delivered on its promise to fill one of the last gaps in the 2mm:1ft scale main line diesel fleet with models of the MetroVick Type 2 (Class 28 Co-Bo). Announced two years ago, models arrived with stockists this week, and with World of Railways for review. Here are a number of things we like, and what we noticed...


Rapido Trains UK Class 28

The shape of the prototype – obscure as it looks – is captured with this model. Its essence, particularly the distinctive cab with its windows is a refined area, with attention to the finesse of the frames. This three-quarter angle also shows the view of the roofline, and the exhaust ports, modelled in full, making use of the thickness of the plastic to create a sense of depth. 

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Rapido Trains UK Class 28

A 'wand' is provided. The powerful magnet is connected to an injection-moulded handle which when waved over the centre of the model – you can feel the magnetic resistance – can be used to turn lights on or off. Though not a new concept, it's great to see such a feature replace intricate switches that were often placed on the inaccessible underside of models not so long ago. Full marks to the manufacturer, here.


Rapido Trains UK Class 28

Only the brave... dare fit the accessories! These are minute and numerous, but we feel should be fitted to the model for best appearances. White headcode panels are difficult to see on the white background, but for their size look correct. Dummy screw-link couplings and buffer beam hoses are included, and painted, too. 


Rapido Trains UK Class 28

Underneath, this model proves to be a true Co-Bo, with all-wheel drive. The gear train is accessible for applying small amounts of lubricant for routine maintenance, while the bogie side frames offer sufficient 'heft' to make it less prone to damage. The white self-coloured pipework is quite visible from this view, but for an ex-works locomotive, as depicted, it looks smart.

Six liveries are being offered across this model. Read the full review in the March 2023 issue of BRM.

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