Our 5 favourites from the RMweb virtual show

28 April 2020
There was much to see and do at last weekend's RMweb members day. We've picked 5 favourites from this busy event.

The preparation

It's said that looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them. Even a virtual show requires the exhibitors to prepare not to attend. SouthernRegionSteam even made a video showing exactly how he did it.

You can read and see everyone else getting ready to not attend the show here.

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The layouts

So many amazing layouts, it's impossible to pick a favourite. Head over to the thread and scroll through. It will take you a lot of time, as you'll find more models on show than at many real exhibitions, and certainly far more than we would normally manage to cram into the Taunton village hall normally used for the real event.

Several people shot videos to show off their models actually working. Captain Kernow's Bethesda Sidings is seen above. Imagine you are leaning on a barrier and you could almost be at a real exhibition.

The Demonstrations

Half the fun of visiting a show is picking up new modelmaking techniques, and this one was no different. If you want to know more about wagon or coach building, you can do it without being jostled by the crowds. Weathering guru Mick Bonwick had something for both steam and diesel fans who want to muck up their models. His demo of weathering a Hornby Peckett with powders is brilliant.

Take a look at all the demos here.

The Pub Quiz

The evening before the exhibition usually sees those who are taking part meet up in the pub. Since we couldn't do that this year, we decided to have a quiz night instead. All the questions were railway based, both real and model, and you can find the entire thing here. Don't worry, the answers are included!

Raising money

Whether it was the raffle or our virtual cafe, RMwebber's dug deep and donated to a really important cause. In the end, we raised £7,919 and had a terrific time doing so.

You can still visit the RMweb members day, although all the non-existent pasties and cakes have sold out! Head over to the RMweb SWAG Members Day 2020 in aid of NHS Charities Together pages now.

Next year, hopefully, we'll all be able to meet up in person.