Locomotion Models GNR Stirling Single No. 10

18 September 2018
2-44731.jpg Locomotion Sterling Single locomotive
Is the OO gauge Locomotion Models GNR Stirling Single No. 10 the best OO gauge model railway locomotive ever made?

Fact File


Locomotion Models GNR Stirling Single No.1 with DCC sound

Prices RRP

£229.00 - DCC Ready

£329.00 - DCC Sound

Manufacturer: Rapido Trains Inc.

Catalogue Refs:

GNR Stirling Single No.1 - DCC Ready

GNR Stirling Single No.1 - DCC Sound

Gauge/scale: 16.5mm gauge, 1:76 scale OO

Era: 1 to 9

Company/Operator: LNER

Weight: Locomotive 189g, Tender 76g

Body: Die-cast and plastic

Chassis: Die-cast and plastic

Minimum Curve Radius: 438mm (R2)

Wheel Profile: RP25

Couplings: NEM mounted tension lock

Accessories: Bufferbeam detailing


We believe that the OO gauge Locomotion Models GNR Stirling Single No. 10 could be the best OO gauge model railway locomotive ever made! Here are 7 reasons why…


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  1. Driving Wheels

The real locomotive is famed for its single driving wheel, 8’ 1’’ in diameter. To effectively haul model trains this would always be an issue, undoubtedly leading to limited haulage and slipping. To solve this the model has two driven axles, the large driver and the trailing axle are geared together, combined with excellent weight distribution thanks to the die-cast boiler and running plate. Picking the model up at the arch over the driving wheels tells you that the centre of gravity on the model is exactly where it should be, top dead centre over the driver.

Locomotion Models drive wheels


  1. Splashers

Standing by those huge driving wheels it’s evident that there would be very limited clearances on the model – indeed, there’s barely a millimetre clearance between the wheel and that gorgeous splasher, so there’s no option for conversion to EM or P4. The front bogie also features splashers over the wheels, which would present problems in meeting the museum’s stipulation that the model should be able to negotiate second radius curves. The problem was solved by splashers that the modeller fits and adjusts based on their curvature to give clearance


  1. Appearance

The main body colour is Doncaster Green, while superb lining, detailing and printed text show the ownership and build of the locomotive. Victorian express engines had a lot of finery and so it is with the model, with internal motion and piping picked out in red, polished steel details and softly sprung buffers. It really is a delight to look at and I’m sure many buyers will just mount it in a display cabinet. The model does work, of course!

Locomotion Models Sterling Single


  1. Performance

In testing, the impression of balance and weight translates into smooth and steady performance. It pulled eight Mk1 coaches with no evidence of slipping and it successfully negotiated small radius pointwork with the bogie splashers eased out.

Locomotion Models model train wheels

  1. Sound

This model is DCC sound fitted, with the decoder and speaker mounted in the tender giving a warm and rich sound – the basic motion sounds work on DC too. Accessing the decoder socket is quite straightforward, the instructions indicating two screws ahead of the rear tender axle

Locomotion Models Sterling Single DCC sound

  1. Price

The price, £229.00 for the DCC ready version, is on a par with an express engine from a mainstream manufacturer and should be considered excellent value for the quality exhibited.


  1. ‘A thing of beauty’

This looks like a model made by a great scratch-builder, decorated and lined by a professional with a weight and feel of great quality, and very good performance. Even if you rarely, or never use the model it really is a thing of beauty to add to any collection.


So, what do ‘real modellers’ think to Locomotion Models’ GNR Stirling Single No. 10? Here are a few of the comments from the relevant topic on RMweb.co.uk:

“This has got to be "Loco of the year for 2018". Well done Rapido”

“I very much suspect we will be stunned by this model upon its arrival. And all the more impressive as an ambitious UK steam-outline debut for the manufacturer”

“It looks SOOOO good in the video! Sounds pretty good too considering they got the sound from old recordings of her running in preservation (at least that's what I think I read)”

“It looks absolutely ruddy gorgeous - the dogs’ danglies. It looks like it'd pull at least eight to ten six-wheelers too. I can't wait”

“It is beautiful and Rapido has done a wonderful job in productionising a working museum quality model. The finish looks superb”


Read the full review and watch our exclusive video in BRM’s July 2018 edition. It can be downloaded here.