Hornby 9F

14 October 2022
Tony Wright presents his favourite aspects of this new tooling which is "superlative, and more refined than any of its competitors".

Hornby has had a 9F in its portfolio since 1971 (can it really be over 50 years ago?), when it was (according to Pat Hammond) ‘the most complex model Rovex had ever developed’. It was the first in the range to be fitted with a Ringfield tender drive, which, having traction tyres meant high haulage capacity. Various manifestations of the type (usually Evening Star) carried on through the ‘Silver Seal’ range (occasionally in high-gloss) until in the first decade of this century, a loco-drive Hornby 9F emerged. This ran beautifully, but was lacking in detail (particularly brakes on the loco chassis), and was more ‘Railroad’ in concept, and far inferior to the Bachmann competitor.

Now, we have the latest Hornby 9F; and what a wonderful model it is – here are my favourite aspects of the model: 


Hornby 9f 2-10-0 92167

92167 correctly, tows a BR 1K tender (unique to 92165-67). On inspecting all of the numerous books I have on this class, this model is very high in fidelity, indeed. It matches all the drawings I have at my disposal, both in principal dimensions and in detail – the latter of which is incredible.



Hornby 9f 2-10-0 92167

A two-position drawbar is provided. As-supplied, it’s in the ‘wide’ position, so that the locomotive fits into its packaging (the most substantial from Hornby I’ve ever seen) and, once out, can negotiate train set curves. If trying for the ‘narrow’ position, the front of the drawbar fouls the rear body-fixing screw, which means it can’t be done. All I did was to turn it through 180 degrees, filing a little off the (now) rear end so that it fitted perfectly.


Hornby 9f 2-10-0 92167

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The mechanical stoker is all there on the model! From the ‘tube’ connecting the locomotive to the tender, the upward angle of that ‘tube’ into the firebox through the footplate (a trip hazard?) and the ‘butterfly’ fire hole door, modelled open so that the illuminated firebox glow can be observed.



Hornby 9f 2-10-0 92167

Hornby has been criticised of late for its rendition of BR green, but on 92220 it’s as perfect as one could ever expect. It really is dead right. Lining and lettering is very good, though the boiler band lining’s black centre isn’t quite as wide as it should be.


Read Tony Wright's full review in the December 2022 issue of BRM. 


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