Hornby 2MT: Four reasons we would buy one

01 February 2024
Hornby has given us the first ready-to-run model of this appealing and useful locomotive, which will be of interest to Scottish, North-East, North-West and North Wales modellers. Here are four features we think make it a great choice to buy…

1. In-cab detailing

Hornby is a master of cab detailing with legible dials and pipework.

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2. Performance

The running of the model is absolutely superb, smooth and silent, capably handling half a dozen Mark 1 coaches, so it’s up to the job of the sure-footed prototype.

3. Fine details

Hornby’s model looks an absolute delight on first inspection, capturing the look of this small-boilered locomotive perfectly with its BR3 type tender and complex Walschaert’s motion.

4. Plenty of accessories

Separate parts are noted in the instructions, including a dummy front to the pony truck if the tension-lock coupling is not required, front steps if curvature permits, bufferbeam detailing and cylinder drain cocks.

Read all about the new Hornby 2MT in the March issue of BRM – available to buy here. 

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