Bachman GNR Ivatt C1 ‘Atlantic’ 4-4-2 review

04 March 2019
1_lead-v2-16087.jpg Bachman GNR Ivatt C1 ‘Atlantic’ 4-4-2
Bachmann’s Ivatt C1 Atlantic is now available and here's three reasons why you should consider it


Manufacturer: Bachmann

Catalogue Refs:

31-761   GNR Class C1 4-4-2 Atlantic 272 GNR Green

31-762   GNR Class C1 4-4-2 Atlantic 4421 LNER Green     

RRP: £189.95

Gauge/scale: 16.5mm gauge, 1:76 scale OO

Era: Great Northern 1904 – British Railways 1950

Company/Operator: LBGN, LNER, BR

Weight: 367g

Construction: Body – plastic, chassis – metal

Minimum Curve Radius: 438mm (R2)

Wheel Profile: RP25

Couplings: NEM mounted tension lock

Accessories: vacuum and steam pipes, brake rodding, guard irons, drain cocks, cosmetic screw-link couplings, cylinder fillets, cab doors, tender vents and fire irons.

Drive System: 12V DC 3-pole motor with gears to rear driving axle (no flywheel)

DCC Provision: 21-pin socket

Pick-ups: Contacts to rear of driving wheels, trailing pony truck and to front and rear tender axles.

Previously only available as an exclusive edition for Locomotion Models, Bachmann’s Ivatt C1 Atlantic is now available in their main range. Not only in the previously released Great Northern livery, but a completely new LNER livery that we have had the pleasure of testing and reviewing.

Here are three reasons why BRM believe the C1 Atlantic is a special model...

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1. Running

A running test showed how smoothly the model runs and it capably handled a load of eight Mk1 coaches without any trace of slippage. This is thanks to the balance of the chassis and weighting with the centre of gravity between the driving wheels. No problems were experienced through short-radius pointwork. The front bogie is sprung to keep it down to the rail and the trailing axle is pivoted behind the solid side frames. Comment has previously been made about the cranked connecting rod to allow for operation around train-set curves. We don’t think this is the complete issue. It is more a case of getting the connecting rod to function between the correctly positioned motion’s slide gear and driving wheels which are too close together. Due to OO standards this is one of those compromises we have to live with.

Bachman GNR Ivatt C1 ‘Atlantic’ 4-4-2

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2. Livery

The LNER apple green version we received is stunning. It has a very pleasing green tone and the black and white lining is executed with precision, especially around the wheel rims. Fine red lining on the tender underframe and red highlights of inside cylinder equipment are visible beneath the boiler; the backhead detail, pipes, valves and dials on the footplate are precise and accurate. The works plate on the front splasher is a printed item which might benefit from an after-market part, but I doubt it would have the clarity of the printed plate.

Bachman GNR Ivatt C1 ‘Atlantic’ 4-4-2

3. Extra Detailing

There is a lot of extra detailing with this locomotive, which can further enhance the accuracy of model. There is a wealth of detail to fit dependent upon the severity of the modeller’s curves, including guard irons, drain cocks, steam heat and brake pipes. A cosmetic coupling hook and screw-link coupling is included, but we feel that it is somewhat overscale and would look finer with an alternative after-market part. The cab doors should work on any curvature and are a worthwhile addition to the look of the model.

Bachman GNR Ivatt C1 ‘Atlantic’ 4-4-2


BRM think the C1 Atlantic is a wonderful model, especially in terms of detail and finish. If you take the time to fit the extra detailing and fit some after-market parts then you really will have a top quality replica of this fine locomotive, which will sit elegantly in a display cabinet or on a layout.

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