A Beginners Guide to RMweb

09 March 2020
Our forum, RMweb, is a terrific resource for all railway modellers. With so much information, it can be difficult to know where to start, so here's a quick guide.

1 – Lurk


Don't worry about signing up straight away. Have a good look around and read some of the topics to get a feel for the way things work.



Hover your mouse over the Browse tab and select Forums from the menu that appears. This will take you to the main menu of topics. Then just click around to see what you find. It's free and fun. Many people choose to do this and never post anything on the forum – and there's nothing wrong with doing that.


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2 – Check out the blogs


As well as discussions, many modellers write their own blogs showing their work, and explaining how they do it.



Blogs are accessed from the same Browse tab at the top of the page. The menu will then show you all the latest updates on the site and you can just click through to have a read and follow the various projects. We've everything from loco detailing, weathering, layout builds and even someone making a Lockheed Ventura bomber!


3 – Sign up and take part


OK, you've had a good look around, now it's time to sign up.



Don't worry, we aren't going to ask you masses of questions. You'll need a Display Name (that's the name you appear as on the forum), an e-mail address, create a password and then answer our super-hard question designed to defeat spammers. This time it's “Name a UK-based OO/HO track manufacturer beginning with 'P'. “ - and no clues are provided.


Signing up allows you to post questions and answers. You'll see new buttons on the screen to allow you to automatically follow threads and blogs.


4 – What happens if you get stuck?



Don't worry, there is a section for Site Information and Notices that's full of help for new members. You can post questions if you are having trouble and either a moderator or one of the other RMwebbers will dive in and help you.


5 – Enjoy engaging with others!


RMweb is a great forum but all of the 38,000 members are different.


Some take things very seriously, others are always cracking jokes. Chatting on a forum is a bit like talking to your mates down the local railway club. You won't always agree with everyone, but then if we were all the same, life would be a bit boring wouldn't it?


Ready? Now it's time to head to RMweb.