Scale Model Scenery wooden platform shelter

24 March 2021
In need of a small shelter for a station? Phil Parker believes this new laser-cut kit might be the answer.

In the 'golden age' of steam on Britain's railways, passengers were rarely left exposed to the elements while waiting for a train. Even the least important of routes had some sort of rudimentary shelter. The railways had more style with some really attractive little wooden buildings. Today, many an unstaffed station will offer something that looks like a bus stop.

Scale Model Scenery's (LX384-OO) kit is based on the ex-NER / LNER shelter at Robin Hood's bay in the North East of England, but there were similar designs throughout the country.

The kit arrives as several small sheets of laser-cut 0.5 and 2.5mm thick material, just needing to be released from the frets before assembly. Instructions are provided, and it pays to read them as, despite its small size, there are a lot of parts in this model.

Parts fit together perfectly with no trimming or fettling required. Even the 17 supports for the bench drop into place and hold with a small amount of glue. Deluxe Materials Laser Cut Kit Glue, is recommended if painting after assembly, or the same manufacturer's SuperPhatic or Roket Card Glue, if painting before assembly.

Everything went together as expected, although I changed one feature – the windows are double-sided with a piece of clear plastic between them. A slice of the bag the kit comes packed in is recommended, but I substituted it for some stiff clear plastic from another piece of packaging.

The materials all take enamel or acrylic paints perfectly with no need for primer. There's no need to paint the roof either, as a pre-printed piece simulated roofing felt is included.

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At 86mm x 43mm x 42mm, this isn't a big model, but will easily fit into a station halt, or become part of a larger station. It could also be re-purposed as a park shelter, if you prefer.

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