Hornby Stone Footbridge

21 December 2022
Joining its Skaledale range of layout and diorama accessories, we take a closer look at this resin-cast item.

This new impression of a stone footbridge joins Hornby’s Skaledale range for 4mm:1ft scale and already our creativity is running rife with ideas for a new diorama or scene on a layout where it could be placed.

Priced at £21.99, and available from the Hornby website and its stockists, the resin-cast structure is a sturdy affair, and lends itself well to the more rugged nature of the prototype, built at a time when things should last to withstand the forces of nature for years to come.

Hornby R7341 Stone footbridge

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Though a small stream crossing is perhaps its natural habitat, that would require planning and confidence to create realistic water effects, perhaps not the most familiar territory for those looking to purchase this ready-to-plant model. For this reason – particularly if modelling the ever-popular summer season – we’d suggest modelling a dry stream bed, using small-scale rocks, a little tinted sand, mud effects, and carefully placed weeds around the structure.

For those confident at creating water effects, however, perhaps this is a good cameo for a fisherman on the steps, or children playing ‘poo sticks’?