Hornby (R30218) Rail Adventure HST

08 March 2023
For rolling stock variety on a present-era model railway, Howard Smith believes this train pack from the manufacturer is ideal.

With a recent shortage of traditional motive power on the national network, Rail Adventure turned to repurposing redundant HST power cars for stock moves. Having spent a lifetime hauling Mk. 3 coaches on the network, 43480 and 43484 (among others owned by the operator) can now be found on stock moves varying from delivery of new units to wagons.Hornby Rail Adventure HST

Usually found with barrier wagons or translator vehicles in tow – to enable coupling of otherwise incompatible types – this pairing of the power cars can now be purchased in model form thanks to Hornby, using new tooling.

Having received a review sample of these new power cars from the manufacturer, here are our thoughts on this new model:

What we liked

Hornby Rail Adventure HST

Fitted with the correct oval sprung darkened metal buffers, these power cars in the unmistakable livery really look the part. Wheels treads employ darkened metal too, for better appearance. Other manufacturers with bright wheel treads fitted to non-preserved outline models could take note here.

Hornby Rail Adventure HST

It’s quite incredible how a new livery can make an almost 50-year-old design look fresh. Supplied with the model (as with its newly-released Pullman-liveried example, here) are cosmetic buckeye couplings. This pack also includes air hoses to elevate bufferbeam detail.

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What we noticed

Though it can be enjoyed as-is, coupled back-to-back as seen on the railway, this is really a train pack for the modeler because no front couplings are fitted to tow stock. There is, however, a gap in the front bufferbeam into which the cosmetic buckeye can fit.

Assuming you’re not a collector and want to haul stock, our advice is to do a little modelling – make this an excuse to create a coupling mechanism of your own to fit to the power cars for best results.

A recommended model for the present-day modeller seeking motive power variety on their layout.

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