Hornby Gravestones

21 December 2022
Modellers can now give their church yards a more realistic look, thanks to these new accessories. Time to create some spooky scenes?

Whether creating a miniature diorama for Halloween in 2023 (or beyond), or decorating the oh-so-cliché church scene on your layout, this pack of 15 gravestones from Hornby carrying an RRP of £15.99 and available from its website or stockists are very workable.

Hornby Gravestones
Provided in a variety of sizes and styles, the pre-weathered resin-cast items lack carved details, but then we wouldn’t expect such fine lettering to be visible on a cast item, anyway. Don’t forget to dress up the odd one with flowers, plant the occasional one at a jaunty angle, or add a little scale ivy to those that haven’t been attended to in many years. When you 'plant' them, make sure that they follow the same axis as the church – that is the graves lying east-west, with the 'stone at the 'head' end.

Hornby Gravestones

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Nothing quite beats the eeriness of a dark graveyard on a cold wintry evening. The air thick and damp, the view across the churchyard partially masked by the fog, guarded only by the occasional glimpse of the top of a gravestone. Creepy, right?