Bachmann Ransomes & Rapier 45T Crane

06 November 2019
Our review sample of Bachmann’s Ransomes & Rapier 45T steam breakdown crane has arrived. Andy York takes a first look ahead of its review in the January 2020 issue of BRM.

The level of detail is phenomenal considering the mechanical complexity of the prototype. This model is a real masterpiece and demonstrates how far mass-market models have come. The model is posable with extending outriggers, a rotating superstructure, a jib and hook which can be raised and lowered using the discreet mechanism and additional detailing accessories, including the most incredible etched plates to fit over the printed data panels on the model.


Bachmann R&R crane


The external pistons move and the inclinometer even changes the reading as the jib moves up and down. These aren’t gimmicks, but fascinating details which go beyond the initial impact of this 34cm long combination which includes the relieving bogies and jib runner.

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The model deserves to be treated with due care but is robust enough for day-to-day running and can be posed to create cameo scenes when the worst happens on your layout, or if you are depicting civil or permanent way engineering works. That said, the real cranes would sit for most of their lives around a shed, so are an ideal addition to a scene anywhere from pre-nationalisation to the early 1980s as Bachmann are releasing this model in four liveries.


Catalogue Refs:

38-800 Ransomes & Rapier 45 Ton Breakdown Crane SR Grey
38-801 Ransomes & Rapier 45 Ton Breakdown Crane GWR Grey
38-802 Ransomes & Rapier 45 Ton Breakdown Crane BR Black
38-803 Ransomes & Rapier 45 Ton Breakdown Crane BR Red


Read the full review in the January 2020 issue of BRM, on-sale at the Warley NEC show, or Dec 5 as a printed edition. Download your copy from from November 28. where all the functions are examined and close-up pictures of the wealth of detail.