5 great photos from RMweb

09 March 2020
One of the most popular threads on RMweb is "How realistic are your models? Photo challenge." Started in 2009, it is now heading towards its 300th page - and there some amazing images to be seen. We've picked a few of our favourites.

Above - Industrial steam in the late afternoon by Giles - See the original post.


47715 arrives from Glasgow Queen St. in August 1987 by Waverley West - See the original post.



Never finished, this is 'Moore Street' by Andrew C - See the original post.



A sneaky shot into the cab of an unidentified class 37 by Pugsley - See the original post.

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Just a few of my 16mm garden line efforts by Owd Bob - See the original post.



These are our picks, but which would be your favourites?


Head over to the How realistic are your models thread on RMweb and take a look.

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