10 ideas to make your layout ready for Christmas

10 December 2019
Last weekend, we held the National FESTIVE of Railway modelling at Peterborough - Christmas was being celebrated on even the most finescale of layouts and we bring you some of our favourites.


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1 - Flying Santa

All you need is a cake decoration and a length of invisible thread then Father Christmas can be on his way. The lights are a nice touch too, it's what micro LEDs were invented for.

2 - Santa in the snow

If you model Switzerland, the chances are your ground cover is deep and crisp and even, so what better way to get around than by sleigh? Perfect for the Preiser HO scale model.

3 - Santa on a bus

There's not much snow in Gravesend, but that isn't going to stop the presents getting through, Santa will just have to take the bus.

4 - Santa afloat

So many gifts to fit on a single sleigh. Our exclusive picture reveals some of them travel by sea.

5 - Unloading heavy parcels

If the gifts come by sea, you'll need a crane to unload them on the quayside. The recipients of these monster parcels must have been very good this year...

6 - Gifts by rail

A festive load on its way. I wonder if these are wrapped up shipping containers full of new models?

7 - A festive train

If big boxes aren't your thing, how about some festive figures in your trucks?

8 - Don't forget the tree

I think the man on the left is wondering how the railway managed to find such a big tree, or maybe he's wondering why he's still wearing shorts in winter.

9 - There are no worries about dropped needles with a crochet tree

Inspired by the GMRC, one exhibitor has been out with the wool and made their own crochet pine.

10 - Forget the layout, let's just have the tree

If all else fails, just run the railway around the bottom of the tree like the Glyn Valley Tramway trust has done. I wonder what's in those parcels?