Zen V12 decoders – latest arrivals from DCC Concepts

30 June 2022
Promising easier installation and setup, advanced ABC control, automated shuttle functions, with 'stay-alive' control, the manufacturer's range is its most-advanced to-date.

Now with DCC Concepts and its stockists is a new range of Zen Blue+ decoders. Latest range additions offer extended and improved automatic braking abilities, with "simple to use one step locomotive set-up." The range is compact too, designed to fit where some of its competitiors can't.

DCC Concepts Zen V12

New Zen V12 Black three-wire stay-alive assortment pack (left), Zen V12 Black 8-pin four function mini (right), and Zen V12 Blue+ two function six-pin decoder with eight-pin harness (front).

DCC Concepts Zen V12

Zen V12 Blue+ (ZN68.2+) two function six-pin decoder measuring 9 x 14mm, with six and eight-pin harnesses. Continuous power 750mA (1.1A peak). The three wire output can be plugged into any of the stay-alives in the image, below.

The DCC Concepts Zen Black three wire stay-alive range separates energy storage from its power management, making it easier to install a 'stay-alive' into locomotives. Connection to stay-alives uses a plug-and-play three-wire setup.

Its Zen V12 Black pack (DCD-SAA-3W) offers a selection of 'stay-alives' in four sizes. These are compatible with its Zen Black, Blue+, Lenz, ESU and other decoder ranges with a three-wire 'stay-alive' connection.

DCC Concepts Zen V12

DCC Concepts' (DCD-SAA-3W) Zen V12 Black pack contains a set of four 'stay-alives' – a small, medium, large and super – with three-wire connections to the decoder.

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Zen decoders are manufactured in an automated facility. Electronic parts have a 'best before' date because solderable surfaces need to be oxidiation-free for reliability, so parts deliveries are always 'just in time'. PCBs used in assembly are said to be created "within hours of assembly" by machinery with "superb accuracy".

DCC Concepts explained further, "critical things such as machine-applied fluxes and solder baths are replaced well before recommended dates, so that dry joints can't happen and defect-free assembly and subsequent reliability can be guaranteed. Once assembled, all of our decoders are tested at least three times before we package them for sale, so we know that they all work perfectly when we sell them."

To explore the full range of DCC Concepts Zen Blue+ and Black, visit its website.


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