Your view: catering at model and heritage railway events

27 July 2023
We asked our social media followers for their views on the best and worst foods eaten at exhibitions and heritage railway events. Here are the results...

Come midday during a busy event, stomachs nearing empty, hunger sets in, and often – not wanting to leave the venue – we're soon looking around for something to eat. Of course, some will have planned ahead, while others might look for an early exit to eat elsewhere...

Curious to know your thoughts on venue and event catering, we asked for your best and worst foods eaten (or not!) at exhibitions and heritage railway events. As it happens, there was no clear-cut winner, though 'full English' breakfasts and sausage rolls appear popular. This is what you had to say...

Exhibition food heritage railway cateringExhibition food heritage railway catering

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Exhibition food heritage railway catering

What's your favourite or least-favourite food you've experienced at an event? Let us know in the comments, below, or join in the conversation on our facebook page – don't forget to follow us!


Venues that insist on using their catering outlet - eg, O gauge Guild, Kempton Park, May 2023 - rip off prices, so went hungry

Posted by Iain Hampton on Thu 10 Aug 21:49:23

Best catering I have sampled recently has been: 1) MIOG show, Crewe, 2023 - Chilli con carne - great 2) Blandford exhibition 2022 - great variety of pasty's - even the vegetarian one was delicious!

Posted by Iain Hampton on Thu 10 Aug 21:48:01

Best: Exhibitors' breakfast at Warley National. Jusr what you need to set you up for a day's demonstrating.

Posted by Richard Syms on Sat 29 Jul 20:06:30

Catering at exhibitions seems to revolve around sandwiches, pies, pizzas and cakes. As I have an allergy to gluten it is a more-or-less total wipe out for me so I have to bring my own food. Which means using a back-pack which I know many attendees (and exhibitions) do not like. Even crisps are iffy depending on the manufacturer and flavour. So I would like to see a more creative and imaginative food offering which can accommodate various food allergies.

Posted by COLIN DUFF on Sat 29 Jul 10:36:32

By and large I find that food at Heritage Railway sites is far better in quality and value than at Model Railway Exhibitions and events. However the food and refreshments and facilities at many of even the larger modal railway exhibitions is poor and very much over priced. That is why when Hornby offer light refreshments at a couple of events this is so much highly appreciated. Will that change with the exodus (sadly) of SImon Kohler from Hornby. Did the new management learn nothing from the previous behaviour when SImon left last time ??? Back to food-going to the Heritage sites is all part of a day out and therefor the food/facilities are all part of the expenses of the day. However for exhibitions is it fair to then offer a third class service at top class prices to the captured customers ?

Posted by Michael Woodhams on Fri 28 Jul 18:05:06