World Wickham Day – post your images!

19 April 2022
The Rail Trolley Trust asks that photographs of Wickham Trolleys be posted on social media on April 22, to celebrate an anniversary milestone.

The first Wickham Trolley – a 3ft 6in gauge Type 10, delivered in 1922. RAIL TROLLEY TRUST

Do you have a photograph of a Wickham Trolley, or a Wickham-related product? The Rail Trolley Trust is encouraging a new 'World Wickham Day' be created this Friday, April 22 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wickham Trolley, and is asking the public to post images of Wickham Trolleys on social media.

Jonathan Flood, Chairman of the Rail Trolley Trust said, "We are hoping that magazines, other publications, media websites, heritage railways, railway societies, engineering groups, railway enthusiasts and all organisations and individuals with links to, or with interests in all things Wickham, will join us in posting films, pictures, or articles of, or associated with Wickhams, across all internet platforms this Friday. It is our hope that some interesting, unseen or unusual items, might be posted during the day, as obviously there is 100 years of history to choose from."

The Rail Trolley Trust was set up to save, restore and operate a collection of Rail Trolleys, representative of those used in the UK from the early 1930s to the early 1990. It aims to tell the story of the development of the rail trolley including velocipedes, pump trolleys, internal combustion powered trolleys and more modern battery powered trolleys.

While the trust has social media channels across popular platforms, including photo-sharing website, Flickr, it hopes that individuals and organisations around the world will post Wickham and Wickham-related items on their websites, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok) and photo sites (Flickr, SmugMug, ImageShack).

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Rail Trolley Trust Wickham Trolley

D. Wickham & Co. Ltd was the main British Manufacturer of Rail Trolleys, and the Trust's collection is biased towards their vehicles. It has also built up an associated collection of industrial equipment, manufactured by the company, its subsidiaries, and associated companies. Earlier this year, the Trust realised that the 100th anniversary of railway vehicle production at Wickham's Ware factory was in 2022 because the Wickham Works List shows works No. 1 being despatched from Ware on April 22, 2022.

The first Wickham Trolley – a 3ft 6in gauge Type 10, delivered in 1922 – was fitted with a Dorman 4MV engine, and was supplied to the Tal Tal Railway in Chile (see main image). Images are encouraged to be shared across your social media platforms, using the following hashtags: #WorldWickhamDay #WickhamofWare #WickhamTrolley #WickhamRailwayVehicle #WickhamIndustrial #TheRailTrolleyTrust.

Join in the celebration and post your photographs of Wickham Trolleys on social media. For further details on the Rail Trolley Trust and how to become a member, visit its website.



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