World of Railways teams with Rapido for new wagon launch

18 July 2023
Four Limited Edition National Coal Board wagons available to pre-order from World of Railways.

The team behind this very website - World of Railways - has joined forces with Rapido to launch four Limited Edition National Coal Wagons that are now available to pre-order.

Rapido Trains UK’s recent releases of open wagons are the best that we have seen come to the OO gauge market in terms of accuracy, finesse of detail – particularly to the underframe – and the variations catered for. This Railway Clearing House design of 1907 could be seen across many private owners through to nationalisation, with many extending their lives further into internal usage with industrial users.


Rapido’s models feature the highest standard of injection moulded parts married with etched components and superbly free-running wheels in brass bearings. Supplied with tension lock couplings in NEM pockets, these may be easily removed if you wish to use more accurate couplings.

These World of Railways/Rapido Limited Edition wagons are branded with characteristic National Coal Board internal user markings, with their large white crosses clearly denoting they are for use on colliery networks and sidings away from the main line. This makes them a ‘must-have’ for anyone modelling collieries or their sidings in the post-WW2 period, ideally suited to the healthy number of industrial locomotives that have come to market in recent years in colliery liveries.


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The markings chosen are based on typical representatives from around the country but are sufficiently generic to be not pinned down to one location. Collieries often had a mix of interpretations of the style which were locally painted which means you could add your own colliery name and easily change running numbers. There are four to choose from with different running numbers meaning you can start a rake of wagons off with variety and interest; ideal if you are buying all four models.


There are four individual wagons available to purchase plus a pack of four - these are limited to just 60 of each model! There are two ways to get your hands on one:

1. The only way to 100% guarantee your purchase is to pre-order by clicking here.

2. You can also register your interest for FREE. Once the wagons arrive in stock, we'll email you with a two-week window to make your purchase. After this any remaining stock will go on general sale. Remember, we are only producing 60 of each wagon. 



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