Woodlands Scenics fencing in N, OO and O scales

17 February 2020
We all need fencing on our layouts, but assembling it can be incredibly fiddly. The new range from Woodland Scenics aims to make the modeller's life easier.

Hand-painted and authentically weathered, six different types of fence will be available later this year.

  • Barbed wire
  • Picket
  • Log (Three bar rustic wooden)
  • Privacy (Featherboard)
  • Rail (Four rail wooden farm fence)
  • Chain Link

Each fence is supplied as a set of modules which we are promised will be easy to line up. The barbed wire consists of ready-wire posts. Suitable gates will be included in each set.

Each set contains 192 scale feet of fence.

The samples on show are very effective and although of American origin, they will work perfectly for British modellers. The wire for the barbed wire fence is slightly elastic and very fine - if you have ever tried threading model wires through scale fence posts, this will be a welcome relief.

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We also liked the chain link fencing which is finely moulded and well painted with none of the holes filled up with paint as it's so easy to do when making your own.

Delivery will be later this year and no prices are available yet. We'll bring you a full review when samples arrive.



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