Win a limited-edition wagon and 1.4kg jar of sweets

19 May 2021
We've teamed up with world-famous sweet maker, Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls, and retailer Rails of Sheffield to offer a competition to win a limited-edition OO gauge tank wagon and a bumper supply of sweets.

Rails of Sheffield has commissioned 250 limited-edition six-wheel tank wagons by Dapol in the exclusive livery of Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls, as part of a series honouring the long-standing British family businesses.

Models sold out within 24 hours last month, but we're giving two lucky winners of this competition the chance to win a wagon and a 1.4kg jar of Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls (worth £14), each.

uncle joes mint balls

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls are made by William Santus and Co. Ltd, a privately-owned traditional sweet company, established in 1898. The ownership has been passed down through the family generations and each year 33M sweets are hand-cooked on open fires in the same way as when William Santus’ wife Ellen started boiling sugar in the kitchen of her home in Acton Street, Wigan.

Supplies of Uncle Joe’s have been made at the Toffee Works in Wigan for more than 100 years and Joint Managing Directors John and Antony Winnard are the great, great nephews of the company’s founder, William Santus. The factory’s centenary in 2019 was marked by a visit from Prince Charles.

uncle joes mint balls

For more information on Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls or the limited-edition wagon commission, visit the Rails of Sheffield and Uncle Joes websites.

Enter our competition, for a chance to be one of two lucky winners to receive a limited-edition Dapol wagon in the exclusive livery of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, as produced for Rails of Sheffield, plus a 1.4kg jar of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls (worth £14).


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Wheels slip on leaves or snow when weather is unkind, But Uncle Joe's is round the bend to keep me clear in mind. The flavour's there to savour That's for sure without a doubt So when the whistle blows Even if it snows Uncle Joe's will be in my spout !

Posted by Colin Hammond on Mon 31 May 09:11:16

Lovely uncle joe’s mint balls go well with model railways Always 👍

Posted by Alan Whitmore on Sun 23 May 08:47:36

Uncle Joe's mint balls keep you all aglow while you watch the wagon go

Posted by James Goucher on Fri 21 May 21:41:48

It makes me think of lovely Wigan

Posted by Terry Ponsford on Fri 21 May 18:48:12

Great competition. Hope I am lucky!

Posted by Valerie Whitehouse on Fri 21 May 17:24:45