Wimbledon Model Railway Club faces closure

06 September 2021
The second oldest model railway club in the world urgently requires new premises to guarantee its survival.

Wimbledon Model Railway Club is calling for help to find new premises for its meetings. The church hall where its meetings have taken place is increasing rent, above what its membership can afford.

Peter Hardy of Wimbledon MRC commented, "We are faced with having to find a new club house, preferably within three miles of Wimbledon. This is a serious setback for us and we are now urgently seeking a new home to carry on developing our activities, as our Centenary approaches. We have spent some time and all but exhausted the venues we could think of."

The club is appealing to anyone who might have spare space, a hall or ground where they could make a new club house.

Peter continued, "We would be very grateful to anyone interested in helping us overcome this situation or if you know of anyone who might be able to provide space to accommodate us. The club has survived for 97 years and is the second oldest Model Railway Club in the world. We are very proud of our heritage and have been privileged to have had in the past some well-known members such as Steve Stratton, editor of the Model Railway Constructor, and Sydney Prichard, founder of Peco, among others, who broke new ground in N and OO gauge.

Visit Wimbledon Model Railway Club's website for further information and contact details.

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