Wiking expands its range for 2024

10 April 2024
Gaugemaster has revealed the latest announcements from Wiking, who has added a number of items to its vehicle and accessories range this month.

Wiking Modellbau is a German manufacturer of scale models in H0 scale and N scale, all the new models are in HO scale and are due for release very soon. 

Land Rover Pick Up Pale Green 1954-58

The legendary Land Rover 107 celebrates its premiere as a classic pickup in the range. The new model features body and wheel rims in pale green, interior black-green with black steering wheel. Radiator grille, headlamps, window surrounds, hinges in contrasting silver, and red tail lights are also modelled.

Price: £28.00

Wilk Caravan 1964-73

Wiking has also given the Wilk 630 caravan giant of the seventies an attractive appearance, which includes the printed curtains and the body with roof and axle mounting pearl white, roof window topaz, interior grey-beige, horizontal stripes at the top, and the imprinted coral red as replicas of the original. Trailer coupling is included as an injection-moulded element.

Price: £15.25

Container Sideloader DB 1968-77

In its second version, the sideloader drives up in the colors of the DB and features an interior with the steering wheel and wheel rims black. Inserted transparent orange warning light is also included alongside silver headlamps, orange indicators, and red tail lights. Red diagonal warning stripes feature on the sides, plus a black DB logo and horizontal red side stripe.

Price: £35

MAN Tanker Truck Aurepa 1969-94

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This model features lots of details based on the prototype. The Tractor unit with driver's cab is in rapeseed yellow, and the interior is in black-grey. 

Price: £29.00

VW T1 Camper Van Agate Grey/Green Blue 1963-67

This classic testifies as to why the post-war generation was gushing over the VW T1 camper van at the time and features an abundance of detail.

Price: £25.50

MB LAK 710 Flatbed Tipper Municipal Orange 1959-67

This Mercedes-Benz LAK 710 flatbed tipper is offered in the distinctive pastel orange, with Mirrors and marker poles included as accessories in black.  

Price: £27.00

Carport Pearl Grey 1952-66

All the rage back in the 1950s, an organically shaped roof over your car can offer variety to your houses. 

Price: £10

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