Which new models would you like to see? Vote for your favourites in the Wishlist Poll

17 October 2019
The Annual 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 has opened - every modeller's chance to tell the manufacturers what we would like to see on the shelves in the future.

 The 00 Poll Team have launched the annual 00 Wishlist Poll 2019.

Running until midnight on Saturday 2 November, the aim is to provide railway modellers and collectors with an easy and informed way of indicating to manufacturers and commissioners of 00 ready-to-run models which models they would realistically buy if made at some time in the future from all-new tooling.

To help voters, the independent, volunteer 9-man Poll Team provides a guide to each of the prototypes in the poll. It's an amazing resource that many enthusiasts find a useful read every year.

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At its core, this is the largest survey of railway modellers from around the world and is a valuable guide for manufacturers looking to lay down their future plans. While there is no guarantee that a popular model will appear on the shelves, we know that everyone in the trade reads them.

Head to the Wishlist Poll section of RMweb to take part.


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