West Hill Wagon Works launches TT:120 range

10 November 2022
The 3D printed detail supplier has launched an extensive range of products for the scale.

Starting with 42 different designs, and with plans to increase this before Christmas, the team at West Hill Wagon Works has moved to become a major supplier for TT:120 modellers.

Despite already producing models for N, OO and O gauge modellers, we are assured that working in 1:120 scale is not just a case of altering a couple of settings on a 3D printer. Each CAD is carefully checked and redrawn to ensure that the quality remains high, and things like wall thicknesses are still practical.

To help customers identify the TT:120 products on WHWW's busy stand, all packs are printed with a purple header. Hornby's Simon Kohler was very interested when shown the range at the recent Great British Model Railway exhibition. All items are supplied unpainted, and with their easily removed, 3D print supports attached.

At present, most of the details will be of interest to the diesel modeller, but more steam-era packs will be introduced over time.

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For more details, visit the West Hill Wagon Works website, or see them at an exhibition.

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I have changed all my couplings to West Hill magnet couplings and have a lot of there other products so I’m looking forward to the new range in TT, I intend to build a layout modern image in the scale.

Posted by Malcolm David Hurst on Sat 12 Nov 10:57:29

Stupid question cost of membership?

Posted by David Blake on Thu 10 Nov 15:15:12

New to layouts etc. So TT120 is where iam going to start

Posted by David Blake on Thu 10 Nov 15:12:06