WDLR Class P ration wagon kit in 16mm scale from Severn Models

23 October 2019
A new departure for Severn Models, better known for their range of 2, 4 and 7mm scale etched brass kits.

This highly detailed kit contains all materials to build the wagon, including metal wheels, etched brass chassis fret, lost wax brass castings, springs, screws, wire, rivets, chain, eyebolts and rings.

When complete, the model has working hinged sides retained by eyebolt pins and chain, plus sprung axles, and a working brake lever, just like the prototype.

Body side and floor planking is provided as styrene strips of appropriate section sizes. All components are supplied unpainted, although the all-over grey livery isn't going to prove too challenging for most modellers.

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The gauge is 32mm as standard, representing 2-foot gauge per prototype. The chassis fret can also be assembled for 45mm gauge.

Some soldering is required, but tab and slot construction should make this relatively easy.

Price: £60


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