Waggon exclusives to celebrate Stockton and Darlington Railway anniversary

07 June 2023
Celebrating the bicentenary of the Stockton and Darlington Railway in 2025, Locomotion Models reveals new commissions from Accurascale.

Locomotion Models has revealed exclusive new models, designed and produced by Accurascale, which depict the three different types of Chaldron waggon in the National Collection, representing their evolution from S&DR to Londonderry types. Available as a single or a triple-pack, models are available to order now, with their distribution commencing Monday, June 12, 2023.

The single-pack type reflects an S&DR built waggon with an NER P1 type. A South Hetton legend and a Londonderry type, with an L legend make up the other two waggons in the triple pack.

Locomotion Models Chauldron waggon

Waggon as supplied in single-pack.

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A ‘chaldron’ is an archaic measure for coal. While this measure varied regionally, in the North-East, a chaldron was 53cwt. The name ‘Chaldron Wagon’ originated from the North-East coal industry where this type of wagon was the first form of rail vehicle used on the above ground coal railways. The different spellings of wagon / waggon continued well into the 20th century, with two ‘g’s being seen in Scotland and the North, and one ‘g’ in the Midlands and further south.

Locomotion Models Chauldron waggon

Waggon triple-pack.

Locomotion Models commented, "as Locomotion Building Two’s development progresses, we are keen to continue celebrating Shildon’s important role in railway history, so we are pleased to be able to add such a key part of the area’s history to the National Collection in Miniature."

To place your order, visit the Locomotion Models website.

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