VIDEO: Unboxing Dapol N gauge Class 50

02 October 2019
Dapol's highly-anticipated Class 50 'hoover' diesel electric model for N gauge has arrived. Time for a look?

Dapol's new Class 50 model for N gauge is promising. The highly-anticipated model is arriving with stockists in four popular liveries in both refurbished and unrefurbished conditions. Claiming it is a 'next generation' model, with a new die-cast chassis design and drive train, it has a five-pole motor, all-wheel drive, all-wheel pickup and a hefty specification, as follows:

  • Accurate toolings for refurbished/ unrefurbished locos
  • Digital & Digital Sound ready - Next-18 socket
  • Independently controlled directional cab and headlights
  • Lighting override switches for DC usage
  • Removable close coupling mechanism, with NEM pockets
  • RP25 profiled wheels
  • Clip-fit detailed body, with separate fittings
  • Printed nameplates
  • Accessory pack with etched nameplates and buffer beam details
  • Factory fitted digital and digital sound versions available

Here's Howard Smith's first look at the model:

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