VIDEO: Hornby's A2/2 on test – exclusive first look

09 December 2020
With access to a prototype sample of Hornby's forthcoming A2/2 locomotive, we test its haulage capabilities and running qualities.

"Dear Hornby, please may we..." started the conversation, well, something like that. Knowing that our proof-reader, book reviewer (and occasional layout photographer) Tony Wright – also well-versed in LNER-related locomotive matters – has assisted Hornby with its forthcoming A2/2 locomotive and that decorated samples were displayed, we pulled in a favour.

Tony Wright constructed a OO gauge locomotive of the A2/2 to assist its design engineers as the project commenced and knowing that progress on this project was on-track for delivery this winter, we asked if we could see a pre-production running sample. Please note however, this 'pre-production sample' isn't from the production batch of models, and so isn't necessarily representative of final models.

A2/2 Hornby

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A more-detailed 'first-look' of this model can be read here, but in the meantime, here's some footage taken of it on-test, performing the duties for which the prototypes were designed...


Well i have seen the models in the flesh today,they are good but heres my first points,R3830,front coping on tender is too high they were reduced in height in 1948,(funny r3831 looks right),also it should not have plates on the sandboxes they had gone by 1950, R3831 looks good except for the crest on the right hand side it was wrongly put on in 1957 (along with loads of other BR locos) but it was never corrected on 60505 it went for scrap still in disgrace,for goodness sake the publicity photo on hornbys site clearly shows it.Hornby have set their own standard of getting it right,and its starting to slip,there is so much info and photos out there of these engines these small faults should not happen.

Posted by Eric Holmes on Fri 05 Feb 22:48:32