Video: First look at Hattons Genesis coaches

15 January 2021
We've borrowed a pair of Hattons pre-production coaches from its new, generic pre-grouping range. With the production models landing very soon, should you be thinking of adding some to your layout this year?

These are designed to be attractive looking models but aren't based on a specific coach. With a choice of liveries, there are models to suit all layouts from the pre-grouping period into early British Railways.

From the announcement of these models back in 2019, RMweb members have been discussing the concepts and have had quite a bit of input in the final design. You can read the full thread here.

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Please note: The production models will be delivered in Q2 of this year. It is the decorated samples that will be arriving in February. We'll bring you details of these as soon as we have them.


Perfect! Am looking for an N gauge version to complete my “Marsden Rattler” layout. Is this going to available in N gauge?

Posted by Philip Bowerman on Mon 18 Jan 08:24:51