Video: Decorated samples of 'Project Genesis' coaches

02 June 2021
As Hattons receives painted examples of its four- and six pre-grouping coaches from its factory, we're granted a first look.

Hattons Originals has received decorated samples of its four- and six-wheel pre-grouping coaches. Lit and unlit versions of each coach are available, with GWR, GNR, LNWR, SECR, LB&SCR, LMS, LNER, SR and Departmental liveries being produced. Prototypically-inspired correct lighting, representing oil, gas or electric types is represented on each model roof.

Hattons Genesis coaches

Livery samples show the attractive nature of the pre-grouping liveries, with coach interiors painted, too. Seven body styles, two detailed underframes and two wheel types (mansell and three-hole) are being produced.

In addition, optional lower footboards, brake rigging, detailed panelling and individual running numbers between single coaches and packs are to be offered, affording modellers the opportunity to run larger rakes without repetition.

Key features include a 'clip-open' design for ease of decoder installation, and the ability to negotiate second radius curves, despite some of the coaches being of six-wheel design. Watch an overview of the coaches here:

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For full specification of the coaches, plus availability and current pricing, visit the Hattons Model Railways website.

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