VIDEO: Accurascale unveils 'Deltic' sound project

09 June 2020
Following a four month wait, the manufacturer is able to show off its DCC sound file for its forthcoming 'Deltic' locomotives.

After almost four months of waiting due to lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, Accurascale has allowed us to hear a first draft of its Deltic DCC sound project. It has also presented an update on the model and tooling enhancements currently being carried out in China. Adjustments are to be made, the manufacturer has explained. Fran Burke of Accurascale tests one of the sound-fitted models on a layout in this video:

Accurascale deltic

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See exclusive pictures of Accurascale's forthcoming 'Deltic' here.

Further details on this forthcoming model from Acurascale, including pricing and availability can be found on its website.



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