Updated tooling for Heljan Class 57

04 January 2024
Heljan has updated its existing Class 57 tooling for OO gauge.

Among the key changes is smart and sharp new paint finishes, an upgraded chassis with 21-pin decoder socket, LED lighting and switchable tail lamps.

New liveries that have not been previously modelled include First Great Western, West Coast Railways 'Northern Belle' (as pictured) and Network Rail yellow. Old favourites return in Virgin Thunderbirds 'Brains' and 'Virgil Tracy' liveries.

The performance is still as good as ever and the LED lighting is a definite improvement for these post-2000 locomotives.

Available liveries 

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  • Virgin silver/red 57302 Virgil Tracy WEATHERED
  • Virgin silver/red 57309 Brains 
  • FGW ‘Fag Packet’ green 57603 Tintagel Castle
  • GM4240601 FGW blue 57602 Restormel Castle GAUGEMASTER COLLECTION
  • GWR green 57605 Totnes Castle
  • GWR Lined Green 57604 Pendennis Castle
  • Northern Belle maroon/cream 57601 Windsor Castle
  • Network Rail yellow 57312

Available to buy now from Heljan stockists costing just over £150, delivery is expected between January and March this year.

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