Update your Peckett with a conversion kit from Planet Industrials

15 September 2020
The Peckett 'W class' was a long-lived 0-4-0ST design from the Bristol manufacturer, from the W2 from 1884 to the W7 in 1938. Hornby's W4 is a turn of the century design, the conversion kit provides a later style cab and steel buffer beams to represent a later example, within the possibilities of using the existing chassis and saddle tank.

The kit is comprised of a fret of etched details and 3D printed plastic parts.

Only gentle modification of the Hornby body is required, involving the removal of plastic parts such as the cab and small details.

A number of options are provided in the kit including a reduced height chimney, straight-sided smokebox plate and long or short front buffer beam.

Price: £35

Available from the Narrow Planet website.

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