Update on landslip between Oxford and Kingham

16 February 2023
Network Rail issues plan on repairs to bridge wall, following collapse and landslip at Yarnton near Oxford.

Following a wall collapse and landslip at Yarnton near Oxford on the evening of Friday, February 10, part of the railway line between Oxford and Worcester is closed while Network Rail undertakes emergency repairs to the bridge and surrounding land.

The side wing wall of the road over rail bridge at Yarnton, Oxfordshire, collapsed onto the rail line serving Oxford to Worcester. Network Rail was on site to repair the damage and put in place protective barriers to protect the rail line, however further landslips have occurred in the embankment adjacent to the bridge, and as a result the railway between Oxford and Kingham is currently closed.

Watch a video of the repair plan by Network rail, below:

Network Rail’s team of engineers has been onsite investigating options to stabilise the embankment so that the road bridge and railway underneath can be safely reopened to traffic. The ground is currently unstable and poses a significant risk to the stability of the road and utilities in the road.

Landslide network rail Rarnton Oxford bridge wall

The landslide has also exposed a gas main, and works are required to protect the pipeline as well as the ground around it.

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Network Rail engineers are now working with specialist civil engineering contractors Balfour Beatty to design and install sheet piling to act as a retaining wall to support the embankment and road and make it safe to undertake long-term repairs.

The detailed design work is currently being completed off site, and materials are in the process of being moved to the bridge in order for the sheet piling wall to be installed, starting tomorrow, Friday, February 17. Once the sheet piling retaining wall is in place and secure, engineers will work to reopen the railway to passenger services under a speed limit from Wednesday February 22.

Following this further works are expected, to reinforce the structure and ground before removing the speed limit once the bridge and surrounding area are identified as secure.


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