Uncovered: new 16T mineral wagon range for 'OO'

01 September 2023
Popular new rolling stock incoming from Accurascale in Autumn, next year.

Accurascale is to produce new versions of the BR 16T all-steel mineral wagon for 4mm:1ft scale (OO gauge). Joining its ‘Powering Britain’ range of coal wagons, it is promising "never before produced" wagons in ready-to-run format, along with a "new generation of 16T favourites which are a must". Models are to be sold in triple packs at £74.95 per pack, with delivery anticipated for Q3, 2024.

Accurascale 16T mineral wagon

The manufacturer has designed and tooled all of the British Railways 16T mineral wagon types. Its first run is to represent unfitted vehicles with Morton brakes, with 1/108, 1/109 and MCO rebodied versions being released in a variety of liveries and running gear combinations.

Accurascale 16T mineral wagon

Models produced in its initial run are to have three types of end door (fabricated and two types of pressed steel), three types of buffer housings, including the 'Dowty Hydraulic Buffer', welded and rivetted original bodies, welded rebodies, BR standard and square axle journals, standard and pressed steel handbrake handles, and Morton unfitted and double unfitted independent brakes.

Accurascale commented, "Seen as very much the ‘missing link’ in the ‘Powering Britain’ range, the 16T mineral wagon is an essential addition to the Accurascale range to tell the story of coal traffic on the railways throughout the ages. Work commenced on these stalwarts of British Railways two years ago, as the research into these extensive and varied wagons provided a great challenge.

Accurascale 16T mineral wagon

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"Coverage of versions never before offered in ready-to-run format as well as a new generation model of some of the old favourites of the 16 ton range were added to the tooling suite. Tooling is now complete with the first samples arriving for assessment earlier this summer.

"While the models are shaping up nicely, feedback on fit and finish of some parts as well areas such as the wheels, which are currently missing their characteristic holes, will also be addressed.

Accurascale 16T mineral wagon

Model Specification:

  • Die-cast metal chassis with plastic body. Weight of 37g (excluding coal load)
  • Length of 78mm over buffers, and 34.53mm wide
  • Wheelbase of 36mm, allowing operation over a minimum radius of 371mm (1st radius set-track)
  • Separately fitted side doors, top doors and end doors
  • Metal three-hole wheels; chemically blackened OO gauge RP25-110 standard, set in blackened brass bearings, 14.4mm back-to-back, on 2mm axles over 26mm pinpoints
  • Eroded metal, plastic and wire detail parts, including handrails, grab handles, side-door handles, lamp brackets, brake gear, draw gear, three-link and Instanter couplings
  • Turned metal sprung buffers

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